My Thoughts About Nigeria and 2023

In 2023, we will head to the polls again to elect our leaders who will pilot the affairs of the country from the Villa, National Assembly, State Government Houses and State Legislative Houses between next year and 2027.

More than anything and expectedly so, we have concentrated more on the Presidency. We are not talking about the quality of the legislators who will work with the President from the legislative chambers. We are not focusing on the State Governors who will be given resources to develop their states and the quality of legislators to make laws at the State level. We need to look at them all.

On the Presidency and without responding to my political pulse, I sincerely believe Bola Ahmed Tinubu stands the best chance to not only win, but reset Nigeria for greater global impact and reduction of poverty. Our focus was set for us by our foreign lords. We need to refocus our nation. While they are going nuclear and advancing in technology, the focus they have set for us is "poverty eradication". Poverty is not a stone that can be rolled away. Eradicating poverty is an envelope that contains productivity, jobs, development and global respect.

Ajaokuta Steel Company

Of all the Presidential candidates, the only one to have shown great commitment to the Ajaokuta Steel Company is Bola Ahmed Tinubu. That is the hidden treasure of our nation. If Ajaokuta Steel works, naira will be stronger, housing will be cheaper, the cost of construction will go down, jobs will be created, Nigeria will become the steel hub of Africa and become a rich nation. How can the West be talking honestly about the poverty reduction without addressing the Ajaokuta Steel Company conundrum? It is not working because they don't want it to work. It is not working because the enemies of the nation are conniving with the West to make sure it doesn't work. They know Nigeria will become an economic force if it works.

So, for a Presidential Candidate to tell the international media Ajaokuta Steel will come alive, Tinubu has shown the dexterous determination to revive our nation, reverse her misfortunes and rebound her into global reckoning.

Atiku's plan revolves around selling national assets to raise money. No nation hands its assets completely to the private sector. Market economy is a creation of those who wish we are where we are today. Our economic policy must reflect our situation, our maturity, our culture and our aspirations.

As a citizen of Nigeria, I have gone through Renewed Hope. It is a masterpiece that doesn't only tell the story of what he will do, but also how he will do it. It is trackable.

Another thing I find interesting about Tinubu's plan for Nigeria is Agriculture. We will remain poor as long as we can't find a way to produce what we consume. With the arable land in Nigeria, the conversation shouldn't be about feeding ourselves; but also feeding the continent of Africa! If we still import rice and other staple food, then we have condemned ourselves to poverty and hunger.

Tinubu's bold, clear and workable ideas in making our land productive is one of the reasons why we should give him a chance to lead our nation. Every state of Nigeria is blessed with the capacity to produce crops that will be too much for national consumption. Young people should have access to cheap facilities to become great farmers.

Closely knitted to agriculture is the need to ensure security. It is a thing of joy that the Muhammadu Buhari Administration has laid a solid foundation for security. There is no doubt that Tinubu has the capacity and will power to ensure that Nigerians are safe. Insurgency and other crimes are cogs in the wheels of economic prosperity.

Nigeria relies heavily on Northern Nigeria for grains. But insecurity has made it very difficult for that to flourish in the Northern Region. Farmers are scared of insurgency, kidnapping and banditry. The moment we are able to create a secured atmosphere, the grain boom will return and automatically drag down the cost of food across the nation.

Renewed Hope has refocused the idea of Youth Empowerment. Youth Empowerment is not just about giving food to the youth, but enabling the youth to be productive and give to the nation.

Nigerian youth are versatile, dynamic and eager to succeed. What they have lacked is a solid policy to give them a platform to excel. I have no doubt that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will do that.

It is sure that with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nigeria will work again.

Kingsley Fanwo is a journalist and currently the Commissioner for Information and Communications, Kogi State.